About Us

Data. Possibly the only renewable resource the planet has to offer today. It is abundant and critical in understanding the world around us. Some of it can also be irrelevant and inconsequential.

Only when this inanimate body of values comes alive, does it become real, meaningful and valuable. Rigorous probing, stratification, collation, interpretation and analysis turns data into nuggets of potential value.

This potential is only fully tapped when further refined, distilled and chiseled. And only then does the ore that is hard data, transmute into pure and priceless gold.

To unearth data, it takes keen sight. Turning it into gold, though, takes a lot more - skill, expertise, and experience undoubtedly. But most importantly, making that final leap from valuable to invaluable, calls for vision. The vision of a Third Eye.

The Third Eye was founded in 1993 by Gitanjali Ghate and Jasmeet Srivastava with the aim of bringing a multidisciplinary approach to consumer market research.

This company is a fusion of diverse skills and shared passion; individual expertise and collective wisdom, uncommon tools and a common mission - to track the consumer from the physical to the emotional and unearth insights that are simple, potent, and impactful.

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